Ceres offset printing ink - make your printing colorful


YT-02 Eco-friendly Offset Ink


In the current situation of fierce market competition, more and more printing houses hope to improve their profits by reducing costs, and at the same time, they hope to maintain the original printing quality. At this time, printing factories are eager to find more cost-effective printing supplies to meet their production needs.


Meet Customer's Requirements


GuangZhou Print Area Technology Co., LTD., after understanding the needs of customers, independently developed and produced an economical and environmentally friendly practical four-color offset printing ink, which can effectively help customers to reduce the cost of ink use while still achieving satisfactory printing quality.


Strictly Control


Yt-02 offset printing ink in the production process after layers of checks, from the absorption of raw materials, to the production process of gloss, fluid, friction resistance and other tests, and then to the storage of samples, guangzhou India has always been customer satisfaction as the biggest purpose.


Ink Specification


Yt-02 offset printing ink features:

1. Asian colors are colorful

2. Good gradation and color control

3. Quick drying and resistance to friction

4. Good in-plane stability and good performance at the same time

5. Water resistance to different fountain solution tolerance large ink balance easy to grasp

6. Vegetable oil with high content of non-toxic and odorless is more environmentally safe

7. It conforms to European EN71, RoHS, o-benzene 7P, American ASTM, CPSIA and other international environmental standards

Packing: vacuum tank 1㎏/ jar, 12 cans/case

Ordinary jar 1㎏/ jar, 12 cans/case

Economic tank 2.5㎏/ jar, 6 jars/box

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