Birthday party of Guangzhou Print Area

Birthday is the most special day for everyone. On your birthday, what matters is not a gift or a cake, but the person who accompanies you on your birthday. Guangzhou Yinyu is committed to creating a united, friendly, warm and harmonious family for its employees. On the afternoon of April 4, 2020, after the March work summary meeting, Mr. Liu Weiqiang, the general manager, named the two colleagues. When it was water, a big cake appeared in front of everyone.


A cake symbolizes a united collective, a shining candle like a beating heart. With the happy birthday song, delicious cakes, sincere wishes, hearty laughter ...

The birthday party ended successfully. Although the time was short, it brought infinite joy and touch to everyone, so that everyone could relax in the usual tense working environment, and let everyone continue to move forward with full spirit in the days to come.


Finally, I wish Shouxing a happy birthday, good health, and a dream come true! Also wish Indian domain more and more brilliant!



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