Thank you for your trust

    The beginning of 2020 is a bit special. As new coronary pneumonia sweeps the world, the situation becomes more and more tense. But the epidemic is ruthless and people are sentimental, thanks to new customers from the Middle East

Mr. Ahmet ’s trust gave us a big order for the first time in Guangzhou.


      Due to the impact of the epidemic, many foreign customers are basically forced to stop working at home to isolate their homes, and the closure of the country has led to a sudden drop in orders. It is even more frightening to see your colleagues in foreign trade. Of course, some foreign customers seize the opportunity to live in isolation and do not forget to plan the next work order at home.


    Ink, sheet, indentation strips ... step by step, through the unremitting efforts of salesperson Jackson, through communication, customers have gained trust in the quality of our Ceres brand products and service recognition. Difficult circumstances, adding orders again and again, added to the number of a ruler, when the big order was settled, Jackson not only brought joy, but also full of emotion.


   Of course, after negotiating the order, we also fulfilled our commitment to our customers. Colleagues actively worked overtime and overtime, and prepared all products within the contractual time limit, inspected, packaged, and shipped, so that the customers ’containers would be shipped to Destination journey.


   When there is a crisis, there will be business opportunities. Opportunities and challenges coexist. Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. I hope that all foreign traders will not forget to sum up experience during the epidemic, seize opportunities, meet challenges, and not stop learning, prepare for the future and cheer! 

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